Fire Extinguishers Maintenance

Annual & Emergency Servicing BS BS5306 Part 1 BAFE

Annual & Emergency Servicing is carried out by way of one service visit per annum in accordance with the B.S Code of Practice for the maintenance of portable Fire Fighting Appliances.

We can service your FIRE EXTINGUISHERS for LESS

Please check out our charges and compare them with what you are currently paying.

dry powder extinguisher

Extinguishers would be serviced once per year for a visit charge of £20.00 + £1.00 per extinguisher (plus parts & refills as required).

All servicing is carried out to B.S. 5306 and a certificate of inspection is issued at the time of service showing work done and condition of equipment.

The servicing of equipment to the BS Code of Practice for the maintenance of fire fighting equipment which, you should note, recommends save for Carbon Dioxide extinguishers, extended servicing of extinguishers should be every five years.

With a basic service you should always work on a 20% across the board testing of your extinguishers.

E27 – An inspection certificate

An inspection certification will be issued at the time of each service visit, certifying that the equipment made available to us has been inspected and serviced in accordance with the relevant British Standards code of practice. We can accept no liability for the inspection or servicing of any equipment not made available at the time of service

Spares, New Parts, & Emergency Call Outs

Spares, extended services and recharges when required, would be charged at the price current at time of service. Our contracted clients have the availability of our 24 hours Bureau Service; all call outs are deemed chargeable.

Our price assumes that continuous, uninterrupted site work will be available to all areas and on work being carried out during the hours of 0800 to 1600 Monday to Friday unless specified.

Certificates of Inspection are issued after each visit. Full equipment inventories are compiled on initial visit and updated thereafter. Our contracted clients have the availability of our 24 hour Bureau Service.

We are a locally based company and will provide a cost effective service at a fair price. I have over 15 years experience in the fire industry!

If we can be of any service to you, please give Gary Wilson a call, without any obligation.