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BS EN3 is not retrospective and you do not have to replace your extinguishers, although it is recommended "To avoid confusion, all extinguishers installed in any one building or single occupancy should have the same method of operation and if intended for the same function should all be similar shape appearance and colour". The testing required under EN3 is more demanding than the previous standard. The most notable change will of course be the colour, all extinguishers being red. Although EN3 will allow 5% maximum of the surface area of an extinguisher to be colour coded.

Modern extinguishers have red bodies and their contents will be identified by a Colour Zone

Our extinguishers are made to a very high standard and have stainless steel cylinders.

All extinguishers bear the British Standards kite mark, and bear the declaration -

"This Extinguisher is certified as having passed the electical conductivity test B.S. EN 3-7 2004"

foam extinguisher Foam Spray (AFFF)

Suitable for most fires involving flammable liquids apart from cooking oil fires.

Colour Zone - CREAM

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co2 extinguisher Carbon Dioxide

Suitable for fires involving electrical apparatus or flammable liquids - Complete with Frost Free Nozzles

Colour Zone - BLACK

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water mist extinguisher Water Mist

Suitable for most fires except those involving flammable liquids or live electrical apparatus

Colour Zone - RED

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wet chemical extinguisher Wet Chemical

Specifically for use on fires in deep fat fryers

Colour Zone - YELLOW

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dry powder extinguisher Dry Powder

Suitable for all fires

Colour Zone - BLUE

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